Are you looking to give that special personalised gift for the new arrival? Do you want to mark the occasion with a unique memento that can be treasured for years to come?

The gift of our Best Selling No-1 Bear will stand out to capture that moment in time when the bambino arrived. It is a custom made piece of memorabilia for the new family.

Whilst we are not saying that there will be nobody else in the world with the exact same criteria to match your gift recipient, there are enough individual features to be confident that you are highly unlikely to know anyone with the exact same bear.

As illustrated in our gallery, this bear wears a tee shirt embroidered with the child’s name. The tee shirt then illustrates the song topping the pop charts on the date of birth of the child, as well as that relevant to each of their parents. This element is bespoke to each individual customer. Hence whilst you might know another Harper or Elliott, it is unlikely that they and their parents would be born within similar time spans.

As we are a small family run business, we are able to keep track of all our sales of No-1 Bears. Hence, we would be able to tell you if we recently had an order for the same child. We offer this service to help customers. Whilst we are sure that the new parents would love a No-1 Bear, due to the bespoke nature of the present, there is no opportunity to re-gift duplicated presents.

The above bear  isn’t limited to new-borns (although that's where the idea originated). It can be organised for any child (or adult) of any age and for any event. It could make a lovely birthday, christening, communion or Christmas gift.

Should you require a No-1 Bear, please advise us of the following five details.

Name of child:          Sex of child:          Date of birth of child:          Date of birth of mom:          Date of birth of dad:



Baby hampers/packages can be made up for you if desired. For more information see our 'other' section.