About Us


 We are the parents of two lovely children ourselves, now aged seven and twelve. Our ‘baby’ had no younger first cousins on either side of the family up until very recently. Then late last year, the announcements came, thick and fast. We discovered that they were getting not one, not two but three new cousins in 2016. WOW.

In each couple's case, they were all first time parents. In addition, between them are our two children’s godfathers and one of their godmothers. Hence, our kids were very close to all the new mommies and daddies to be. The excitement was momentous.

The months ticked by and eventually the time neared for the new arrivals to be due. There was a three week gap between all the due dates. Then, lo and behold, between one baby being late and the others being slightly early, they all arrived within seven days.

All the mommies attended different hospitals so we found ourselves visiting all three Dublin maternity hospitals within a week. We wanted to give personal presents from the kids to mark the occasion as each was so special in their own way. Hence, our personalised bear idea was born.

P.S. To the new mommies and daddies, you know who you are. You have been amazing godparents. Thank you for everything. The new arrivals are very lucky to have you.


Eimear & John

June 2016 XXX