A PREMIUM GIFT – FOR THE MOTHER TO BE    €30 or €60 (for package)

The Baby Shower Bear  is the ultimate gift to celebrate the impending new arrival.

Included in the 'Baby Shower Package'  is the Baby Shower Bear plus a voucher for a No-1 Bear  for the new mom to redeem when her bundle of joy eventually arrives . The original Baby Shower Bear can then be passed on to the next one to ‘join the club’ to celebrate their baby shower. The Baby Shower Bear could potentially be re-cycled among pregnant family members and friends indefinitely as the circle of life continues to move on.

This bearcomes in either blue or pink for those moms who know what they are having. For the mommies waiting on the surprise, we do a pink bear with blue writing and a blue ribbon (or vice versa if specifically requested) to keep it unisex.