This may be the 16th  season of I'm a celeb but it's popularity doesn't seem to be waning.

There is a good mix in the jungle this year. There doesn't seem to be anyone that is 'me, me, me' or overly attention seeking. There is a sense of comraderie among the campmates that I haven't seen for a few years. And let me tell you, it's nice to see everyone pulling together and willing each other on. It just show's that you don't need to be controversial to gain airtime.  It's about the bushtucker trials and the dingo dollar challenges rather than about whinging and moaning. I can honestly say there is no-one I dislike (and I usually can pick a few straight away). Though it's early days yet and I'm sure there will be testing times ahead where cracks will show.

My favourite entrance was Scarlett falling overboard and Larry coming to the rescue. He's some man for 68 . That Lamb won't be led to the slaughter.

When the shoe is on the other foot !

He doesn't wanna get the chop!