Do you know 'The Monkees' from the 'Gorillaz'?

Can you remember these songs from music through the years?

1.  Who asked us tell this girl we loved her in 1960?

2. Which group sang about a certain Ms Rigby in 1966?

3. This girl in the sky with diamonds came from which well known 1967 album by the above artist?

4. The above had another hit in the same year about  a real life street with this name. It was was one track on a double A sided single . What was the other side? 

5. Which group had a Christmas No.1 in 1968 with a pink version of this girl?

6. Which country artist wrote the track (featuring a girl of this name) which subsequently became a a post-humous No.1 for Janis Joplin following her death in 1971?

7. Who had a hit with this song on an album of the same name in 1972?

8 What was the name of Barry Manilow's 1978 song about a showgirl of this name?

9. Who has a 1979 hit about this guy's army?

10. Which Irish rock group had a hit with this song in 1979?

11. Which trio of Texan rockers had a 1981 hit with this song?

12. This guy 'and Diane' was a 1982 hit for whom?

13. Who released this song (well a shorter version of the name) in 1993, which was allegedly written for a lady who might be better known to some as Carrie Bradshaw?

14. What was the name of the 1999 song from Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli asking to be guided by this?

15. This girl was a track featured on the 2015 'Made in the A.M' album by which boyband?

And the bonus question......... no pictures this time .......

How many girls were mentioned in the 1991 hit 'Song for Whoever' by 'The Beautiful South'?