Nanny Bears


 Have any of your child’s grandparents got a special celebration coming up? Do you want a present that is unique and different to other gifts you have bought for them over the years?

The gift of our Nanny Bear (or Grandpa Bear) will stand out to capture their hearts by encompassing all their favourite little cubs.

As illustrated in our gallery, this bear wears a tee shirt embroidered with either Nanny/Nan/Grandpa/Grandad (other variations available by request). The names of all the grandchildren are then printed on the tee shirt itself. This element is bespoke to each individual customer. The standard version is suitable for up to fifteen names. Fonts and layout will vary depending on the number and lengths of the individual names. Whilst smaller families may encounter other families with grandchildren of the exact same names, it is likely that larger family combinations will be unique, particularly if one or two grandchildren have an anyway unusual name.

If, down the line, your family expands, we would hope to offer a service where you can contact us and have the tee shirt updated to add on new arrivals for a small fee. We haven’t encountered any such scenarios yet, so this element has yet to be tested.

Should you require a Nanny Bear, please advise us of the following details.

Name that grandparent is known by (Nana/Grandad etc.):

Names of grandchildren (15 max):


If there are more than 15 grandchildren, and you really want a bear please contact us anyway. We may perhaps be able to accommodate you by offering a slightly different design. It will depend on lengths of individual names etc. as well as total number of names.