Do you know 'The X-Files' from 'The X- Factor'?

Can you recall the names of these TV shows?


  1. This was the main child character on which programme set in Walnut Grove, Minnesota?

  2. This character had a cousin called Daisy on which TV show?

  3. This character was the matriarch of the Ewing Family in which American soap opera?

  4. This private investigator character was played by an actor of the same name in which 80’s American Crime Drama series?

  5. This character resided in Apartment #20, Greenwich Village Manhattan in which sitcom?

 6. This character ran a cosy bar where "everybody knows your name" in which TV sitcom?

 7. This main character was eclipsed by his sidekick KITT on which TV show?

 8. This character was foster mother to many whilst running the caravan park in which long running Australian soap?

 9. This character had siblings called Mallory and Jennifer on which 80's TV sitcom?

10.This character was on the on/off love interest of both Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor in which teen drama?

11. This actress worked in a female private detective agency answering  to a secret millionaire boss in which TV series?

12. This actor played the part of Pacey Witter on which teen drama?

13. This actress played the part of Gabriella Solis in which drama series set on Wisteria Lane?

14. This actor played Dr John Carter in which medical drama series?

15. Before she was Mrs Timberlake, this actress played Mary Camden in which family drama series?

And for the bonus question......

How many of 'The Waltons 'can you say goodnight to?